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Judaism Reference, Jewish Graphics, Hebrew Learning & Word-Processing Software

If you cannot find what you want on this list use the drop down index on the Home Page or check out the growing list directly on the Order Form with links to the product pages. Alternatively Email or call us on 0844 808 3699

DavkaWriter | Encyclopedia Judaica | Graphics | Biblical Hebrew | Modern Hebrew | Soncino | Talmud

Davka Davka - All About Judaism, 29.00 details | buy

All About Judaism consists of three great Jewish reference works on one CD-ROM:
bibletimes Davka - Bible Times, 18.95 details | buy

This CD is brimming with over 100 amazing graphics covering scenes from the Bible.
Study Biblical Hebrew on your own or by correspondence
Davka Biblical Hebrew Biblical Hebrew, Davka/Hebrew World, 69.00 details | buy

Includes everything you need to master reading, writing, analyzing, and translating Biblical Hebrew!
Davka Davka - Book of Legends, 39.95 details | buy

The greatest anthology of classical Rabbinic literature ever compiled!
catskillsfont Davka - Catskills Font, 9.95 details | buy

Catskills is an adaptation of a classic font that presents English letters in a Hebrew style
- perfect for displays and announcements for all Jewish organizations.
classicgamepack2 Davka - Classic Game Pack II, 19.00 details | buy

Four classic Davka games on one CD!
Davka Davka - Davar B'ito, 39.00 details | buy

Find the Perfect D'var Torah for any occasion.
Davka Davka - Decorative Font, 19.00 details | buy

An ornate DavkaWriter Platinum font for use with Drop Caps.
Dikduk Davka - Dikduk , 39.00 details | buy

You can read Hebrew. You may have studied basic vocabulary. Now, it's time to take the next step.
It's time for Davka Dikduk!
Dikduk2 Davka - Dikduk 2, 39.00 details | buy

Davka Dikduk II introduces advanced concepts of Hebrew grammar.
Dorotree Davka - Doro Tree, 49.00 details | buy

A revolutionary and easy-to-use Jewish genealogy program.
Ein Yaakov Davka - Ein Yaakov, 49.00 details | buy

The classic ethical teachings (Aggadah) of the Talmud, in Hebrew and English!
Davka Davka - Gematralator, 11.50 details | buy

Calculate the numeric value of words, names or phrases from the original Hebrew texts!
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - Bible Times, 18.95 details | buy

Over 100 amazing images ofrom the Bible.
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - CD Collection I, 19.00 details | buy

The world's best-selling Judaic clip art collection!
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - CD Collection II, 29.00 details | buy

Welcome to DavkaGraphics CD Collection II, the acclaimed sequel to the award-winning CD Collection I!
More than 1,000 Judaic clip art images!
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - CD Collection III, 29.00 details | buy

Davka's team of outstanding illustrators has worked diligently to create the best graphics around!
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - CD Collection IV, 29.00 details | buy

A Design Breakthrough! - Over 350 Incredible NEW Judaic Graphics!
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - Original Bundle, 89.00 details | buy

The Original DavkaGraphics CD Collections--Volumes I, II, III, and IV
Special Bundle Price Regular Price-89.00--Save 17.00
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - Judaica, 18.95 details | buy

This CD is brimming with over 100 amazing graphics covering all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - Judaica 2, 18.95 details | buy

Over 140 amazing graphics covering all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.
These graphics will add Oolor and style to all of your publishing projects.
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe - Special Occasions, 18.95 details | buy

This CD is jam-packed with over 100 amazing graphics covering all events in Judaism and Jewish life,
from baby namings, Bar Mitzvah to Bat Mitzvah.
Davka Davka - DavkaGraphics Israel Photo Collection, 19.00 details | buy

Brings the beauty of Israel to your PC!
Davka Davka Graphics Jerusalem Photo Collection, 19.00 details | buy

Over 100 breathtaking photos of the City of Gold!
Davka Davka - Hebrew Font Gallery, 29.00 details | buy

25 of the best Hebrew fonts, guaranteed to enhance anything you type in Hebrew!
Davka Davka - Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe, 49.00 details | buy

The very best in Hebrew font design!
Davka Davka - Heritage: Civilization and the Jews, 69.00 details | buy

Monumental nine-part series tracing the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present.
itsabouttime Davka - It's About Time, 29.00 details | buy

The ultimate answer for all your Jewish Calendar needs!
israelanationisborn Davka - Israel: A Nation Is Born, 29.00 details | buy

Six-part chronicle of the birth and development of the Jewish state.
judaicclassicsdeluxeedition Davka - Judaic Classics Deluxe Edition, 59.00 details | buy

An incomparable Torah research tool, including Tanach, Talmud, Kabbalah, Midrash, and more!
judaicclassicsigrosmoshe Davka - Judaic Classics Igros Moshe , 49.00 details | buy

Fully searchable classic responsa, plus Tanach and Talmud.
judaicclassicslimitededition Davka - Judaic Classics Limited Edition , 29.00 details | buy

Fully searchable Torah and Talmud!
itsabouttime Davka - Judaic Classics Torah Treasures , 39.00 details | buy

The ultimate tool for Torah study! Its "Tzuras Ha-Daf" presentation of the authentic Talmud page,
combined with an easy-to-use search program...
itsabouttime Davka - Judaica Press Complete Tanach with Rashi , 69.00 details | buy

A complete learning tool for studying and understanding the Bible.
keystothebible Davka - Keys To The Bible , 49.00 details | buy

Bible Codes Plus, Bible Quiz, and more!
learntolearnchumash Davka - Learn to Learn Chumash , 29.00 details | buy

Great new study tool to enhance and increase Chumash vocabulary!
davkalearningtoreadhebrew Davka - Learning to Read Hebrew , 29.95 details | buy

Learn to speak modern Hebrew with this new language software from Davka Corporation.
legendsofthejews Davka - Legends of the Jews , 69.00 details | buy

The definitive collection of lore and legend on the Bible.
davkaleiningmaster Davka - Leining Master , 19.95 details | buy

This amazing MP3 CD is the ideal tool to help you learn to chant the Torah, Haftaros and Megillos. Whether you're an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparing for your big day or an adult intent on learning or enhancing your Torah reading skills, this CD is for you!
lestwefoget Davka - Lest We Forget , 19.00 details | buy

A history of the Holocaust
itsabouttime Davka - Mellel Hebrew Writer , 59.00 details | buy

The world's first Hebrew/English word processor for Mac OS X!
Davka Modern Hebrew Davka - Modern Hebrew, 39.00 details | buy

Great for conversational Hebrew; You'll follow the linguistic adventures of Daniel as he tours and studies in modern Israel. Words are translated with a click and entire on-screen passages are read clearly and distinctly. Modern Hebrew also includes a Hebrew / English dictionary of words used in the program, and exercises and quizzes.
navigatingthebible Davka - Navigating the Bible II , 59.00 details | buy

World's Most Popular Torah Reading Tutor!
politicalencyclopaedia Davka - Political Encyclopaedia of the Middle East , 59.00 details | buy

A comprehensive reference work on the political history of the Middle East.
prayerpractice Davka - Prayer Practice , 29.00 details | buy

Prayer Practice will teach you how to sing ten basic prayers! Each line is highlighted as it is sung,
and is shown with Hebrew and English transliteration.
Soncino classicscollection Davka - Soncino Classics Collection CD, 379.00 details | buy

A collection which includes English translations of the Talmud, Zohar and Midrash Rabbah.
Also includes complete Hebrew and Aramaic texts, Rashi's commentary on Talmud and Chumash plus more...
soncinomidrashrabbah Davka - Soncino Midrash Rabbah , 129.00 details | buy

Your guide to the world of Midrashic interpretation.
soncinotalmud Davka - Soncino Talmud , 175.00 details | buy

The entire Talmud, in Hebrew and English, at your fingertips.
soncinozohar Davka - Soncino Zohar , 129.00 details | buy

The mysteries of Kabbalah in Hebrew and English!
Davka Davka Talking Hebrew Word Book, 22.50 details | buy

See it, hear it, speak it with this Talking Hebrew Word Book from Davka...
Davka Davka - Talmud Tutor Plus, 29.99 details | buy

Your gateway to 5000 years of Jewish law, lore, and tradition! With vivid maps,
accurate sound recordings, helpful tools, and crisply written, concise text...
Davka Davka - Touch Typing Now, 29.00 details | buy

The best Hebrew-English typing tutor!
Davka Davka - Treasure Chest of Jewish Knowledge, 69.00 details | buy

A classic five program collection!
Davkawriter Davkawriter 2001, 29 details | buy

DavkaWriter 2001 provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating
the latest advances in word-processing technology.
Davkawriter Platinum 4 Davkawriter Platinum 4, 69 details | buy

DavkaWriter Platinum is an extensive Hebrew/English word processor with PowerStyles, page borders, mail merge, label printing, HTML export and much more!
Davkawriter Platinum 5 Davkawriter Platinum 5, 89 details | buy

DavkaWriter Platinum 5.0 includes PowerStyles, page borders, mail merge, label printing, HTML& PDF export and much, much more! Over 90 enhancements and improvements from version 4.
Davkawriter Platinum 6 Davkawriter Platinum 6, 109 details | buy

DavkaWriter Platinum is one of the most advanced Hebrew/English wordprocessors available. DavkaWriter Platinum 6 has over 50 new features and enhancements, including many that automate Hebrew/English text preparation. Includes 250 clip art images from the DavkaGraphics Collection and Hebrew texts of the Tanach with nikud and trop, Mishnayot with nikud and the full text of Ashkenaz Siddur and Sefard Siddur, with nikud.
Davkawriter 7 Davkawriter 7, 129 details | buy

DavkaWriter 7 is the most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version! DavkaWriter Platinum 7 has over 25 new features and enhancements, including 55 Hebrew fonts, Insert H with dot underneath for scholarly writing, "Copy as Unicode" for Unicode-compliant programs, new Text Library Additions - Torah/Haftarah readings and Rashi on Chumash. Import Dagesh, Nota Bene and WordPerfect 5.1 Hebrew files, Exports Hebrew text with nikud and trop to non-Hebrew-enabled software and to text, RTF, and PDF file format. Upgrades available.


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