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Biblical software is also available for PDA'a (Handheld's, and PocketPC's etc) please follow the link to see a current list...PocketPC Bible page

Master Christian Library Master Christian Library, from £43 details | buy

A scholar, student and enquiring believer's ultimate resource. Over 500 historical Christian works on 2 CD ROMs (330 on version 6). Search through centuries of Christian writnig and cut and paste into your wordprocessor; search through any or all of the books simultaneuously!
Ages Ultimate Christian Library Ages Ultimate Christian Library, £234 details | buy

A collection of over 1000 books on DVD including the complete software collections: Master Christian Library, Reformation History Library, C.H. Spurgeon Collection, Complete John Calvin Collection, Arthur Pink Collection, John Owen Collection, John Gill Collection.
Ages Arthur Pink Collection Ages - Arthur Pink Collection, £24.95 details | buy

Familiar with the whole range of revelation, Mr. Pink was rarely sidetracked from the great themes of Scripture: grace, justification, and sanctification. Our generation owes him a great debt for the enduring light he has shed, by God's grace, on the Truth of the Holy Bible.
Anchor Bible Dictionary Anchor Bible Dictionary, £269 or less details | buy

Six years in the making, this state-of-the-art dictionary offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of biblical subjects and scholarship. Since it's publication date, the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD) has been acclaimed as a landmark in biblical scholarship.
BDB Hebrew Lexicon BDB Hebrew Lexicon, £34.95 details | buy

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon is the standard reference work for serious Old Testament study. This lexicon (dictionary) provides not only the English equivalents for Hebrew words, but also relates various meanings to specific passages in the OT. The Logos electronic version of BDB is a very special product and unquestionably the most useful version of BDB ever released.
The Best of Max Lucado on Jesus The Best of Max Lucado on Jesus, £10.00 details | buy

Three of Max Lucados most successful books are featured on one cd, "He chose the nails", "In the eye of the storm", and "Just like Jesus"...
Bible Codes 2000 Bible Codes 2000, £73.95 details | buy

An ancient tradition states that God dictated the first five books of the Bible to Moses, in a precise letter by letter sequence, which encodes historic facts, past, present and future. In 1994, scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem published an article in the scholoarly journal Statistical Science reporting their discovery of the bible codes, decoded with the help of computers. Since then, the Bible Codes have become the centre of international interest and intense debate.
Bible Explorer 3 Bible Explorer 3, £12.95 details | buy

This item comes in four different versions, to suit your requirements - either Discovery, Standard, Deluxe or Premium. They contain Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries to satisfy all your Bible reference needs and budget!
The Bible Library The Bible Library, from £29.99 details | buy

Imagine the power of having four complete Bibles (all crossed referenced), two Bible dictionaries, together with commentaries, concordances, references, topical studies, hints and tips all at your fingertips. The Bible Library makes it possible. Truly discover the Bible!
Bibleworks Bibleworks 6, from £120 details | buy

The brand new version of the feature rich biblical language and bible version software tool, containing the best manuscripts, versions and lexicons available for the Windows platform, now with new and improved features...Previous versions also available...
The C H Spurgeon Collection The C H Spurgeon Collection, £46.95 details | buy

On this CD there are over 3550 sermons from one of the most gifted speakers and blessed Christina leaders of our era. In addition to this overwhelming collection of sermins are over 70 of Charles Spurgeon's books, lectures, and other publications.
Compton's Interactive Bible Compton's Interactive Bible, £14.95 details | buy

Whether studying the Bible or just exploring it, you can easily access the resources you need. Includes the New International Version, a search tool, commentaries and much more...
Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed, £34.95 details | buy

An officially authorized CD-ROM, exploring the original texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls with interviews, translations, and video clips.
Expositors Bible Commentary Step EBible Deluxe Edition , £134 details | buy

This excellent new Bible study package really is something else-it does everything for you that you could possibly want; searches your entire library of Bibles, commentaries and background information by keyword or theme.
Encyclopedia Britannica presents World Religions Encyclopedia Britannica presents World Religions, £9.99 details | buy

Discover the many religions of the world on this cd rom from Encyclopedia Britannica.
Expositors Bible Commentary Step Expositors Bible Commentary Step , £119 details | buy

The Expositor's Bible Commentary CD-ROM allows pastors and students to conduct fast and effective searches with ease, make hypertext jumps to cross-referenced verses in linked NIV Bible software, and copy and paste to any word processor.
FLB - Fred Miller Commentaries - The Great Isaiah Scroll FLB - Fred Miller Commentaries - The Great Isaiah Scroll, from £19.99 details | buy

A commentary on one of the Dead Sea Scrolls - the Great Isaiah Scroll, with pictures of the pages themselves.
Bibleworks Gramcord Accordance, from £39 details | buy

A vast library of serious reference tools for the student or scholar...available in many portion sizes, to buy in one go, or spread it out over time, so you can add to it as required.
Get Lost in Jerusalem Get Lost in Jerusalem, £29.95 details | buy

Get Lost in Jerusalem gives people a multimedia experience of Jerusalem. Including 360-degree panorama with high resolution Zoom. This isnít just scenery. There are key points of interest such as the ability to walk through the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, £31.96 details | buy

The best, most up-to-date, and most popular Greek Grammar available. The principles of grammar are thoroughly explained and easy to understand.
greekmaster Greekmaster, £39.95 details | buy

Learn and explore the rich language of the New Testament with master scholar Dr. Gleason Archer, Professor Emeritus of Trinity Evangelical School.
Halley's Bible Handbook Halley's Bible Handbook, £19.95 details | buy

In easy-to-read, bite-size bits, Halley's Bible Handbook covers a huge swath of biblical knowledge. Use it to access specific verses from the Bible, read the commentaries, or learn about the Bible's history, as well as the Scriptures themselves.
Hebrew World Hooked on Hebrew Hebrew World Hooked on Hebrew, £45.95 details | buy

Multimedia learning of the Modern & Biblical Hebrew language. This multimedia tutorial is designed to teach the basics of Biblical, rabbinic and modern Hebrew including reading, writing, and pronunciation.
Hebrew World Hooked on Hebrew The Rosetta Stone - Hebrew Explorer, £24.95 details | buy

This special edition for beginning learners is taken from the award-winning Rosetta Stone Level 1 program. It presents 22 lessons of interactive multimedia immersion instruction. Unlike language learning programs that rely on text translation, the Rosetta Stone uses carefully selected pictures to clearly convey the meaning of each new spoken phrase.
Ilumina Ilumina, £39.99 details | buy

See the Bible come alive with many animations, maps, photos and commentaries. Also included are a media centre, encyclopedia, atlas, and time line - all this in one program for under £40...
Holiness Classics Holiness Classics, £49 details | buy

55 Great Holiness Classics on one CD ROM including: Wesleys Sermons, Notes on the books of the New Testament, Sermons from Keswick Convention, Adam Clarke, A.M. Hills, Beverly Carradine, E.M.Bounds, Booth, Samual Chadwick, Abel Stevens, John Fletcher
Hebrew World Hooked on Hebrew The Holy Land Experience, £19.95 details | buy

The most compelling and uplifting mulimedia experience of the Holy Land
Jesus; Gospels and Paintings - an Interactive Voyage in the Footsteps of Jesus  Jesus; Gospels and Paintings - an Interactive Voyage in the Footsteps of Jesus , £Price details | buy

Discover the life of Jesus through the Scriptures and the greatest masterpieces of western art. Twelve great moments in the life of Christ allow you to voyage through 100 scenes taken from teh four Gospels.
John Calvin Collection John Calvin Collection, £39.50 details | buy

The ultimate collection of John Calvin's commentaries and sermons! Includes information about John Calvin and his life.
The Message - Complete Old and New  Testament The Message - Complete Old and New Testament, £29.95 details | buy

New to CD ROM, the highly reviewed translation of the Bible by Eugene Peterson is a refreshingly unique Bible-reading experience. With no formal language and no verse numbers, this Bible reads like a letter from an old friend. Because itís easier to understand, itís easier to make the connection between what youíre reading and what it means for your everyday life.
Nelson - World Biblical Commentary Nelson - World Biblical Commentary, from £65 details | buy

The best evangelical commentary, 15 years in the making by a team of international scholars, Word Biblical Commentary covers the Old and New Testaments, taking into account textual, linguistic, structural, historical, and theological contexts.
The On-line Bible The On-line Bible, from £30 details | buy

A most affordable comprehensive collection of the more popular Bible versions, unlock codes can be purchased from £5 to obtain access to other versions.
Oxford Bible Commentary Oxford Bible Commentary, £59.00 details | buy

Featuring critical commentaries from over 70 leading scholars, and covering all of the books in the Protestant and Catholic canons..
Parson's Hebrew Tutor Parson's Hebrew Tutor, £39.95 details | buy

Parsons Hebrew Tutor takes you from the alphabet to reading and translating the book of Ruth via 14 units covering adjectives, alphabet, construct nouns, imperatives, imperfect stems, infinitives, nouns, participles, perfect stems, prepositions, pronouns, qal imperfects, qal perfects, and vowels.
PC Study Bible Complete Reference Library PC Study Bible Complete Reference Library, £139 details | buy

This powerful Bible study program combines all the elements required for simple and succesful study. Powerful word-searching facilities using exhaustive concordances allow you to display you results for each Bible verse in context, while the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge contains over a million cross references...
Parson's Greek Tutor Parson's Greek Tutor, £39.95 details | buy

takes you from the alphabet to translating the first three chapters of John's gospel via units covering adjectives, alphabet, nouns, participles, verbs, prepositions, pronouns
Reformation History Library Reformation History Library 2, £79 details | buy

The Reformation History Library is the most exhaustive collection of books written about this critical time in not only the history of Christianity but in the history of the world.
Saltshakers Presents - Olive Tree Saltshakers Presents - Olive Tree, £19.95 details | buy

This PC CDROM has been designed to offer a wide selection of the cream of Hebrew Roots teaching on the World Wide Web.
Theological Journal Library Theological Journal Library, £99.00 details | buy

Combining several of the best conservative, scholarly, evangelical journals and classic works on church history in one easy to use CD that allows you to rapidly search through all the titles for the words, phrases, topics, authors, passages, etc. It is an invaluable tool for everyone who studies, teaches or preaches Scripture.
Bibleworks A Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus, £24 details | buy

An interacive adventure following the life of Jesus, visit his place of birth,
Zondervan NIDNTT Zondervan NIDNTT, £59 details | buy

An essential tool for the understanding of the original words used in the New Testament...
Zondervan NIDOTTE Zondervan NIDOTTE, £69 details | buy

An essential tool for the understanding of the original words used in the Old Testament...
Zondervan Theological Dictionaries Zondervan Theological Dictionaries, £110 details | buy

Available as two programs, the NIDOTTE and the NIDNTT priced seperately at £69 & £59, you get a lovely bargain when purchasing the dual pack at £110...


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