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  New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology 5  

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Details and specifications of New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology 5 , £109. Containing more than 3,000 entries, this piece of software enhances understanding of the meanings behind the words in the New Testament.

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New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology 5  boxThe New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (NIDOTTE) is the Old Testament counterpart to the acclaimed New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (Colin Brown, editor). It gives the scholar as well as the nonspecialist a nuanced understanding of the meaning of words and concepts in the context of the Ancient Near East and of the Old Testament, as well as a grasp of similarities and differences among words within the same semantic field or domain.

The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology contains more than 3,000 separate entries, written by more than 200 scholars from 24 countries and more than 100 academic institutions, as well as thousands of cross-reference entries.

Compatible with Pradis Based Zondervan Bible Study Library Series and other Pradis based titles such as New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology for Windows, New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology for Windows, Expositor's Bible Commentary for Windows 5.0.

NIDOTTE is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to do serious Old Testament study or exegesis: academics, pastors, students, and laypersons. Whether you are a Hebrew scholar or do not know Hebrew at all, this CD-ROM will deepen your understanding of the Old Testatment and the richness of its languange. As you trace a word's development and usage, you can customize your preferences to read that word in full transliteration (useful for technical scholarship), simplified transliteration (especially suitable for the lay person), and actual Hebrew/Armaic (for the dedicated linguist).

Complete 5-Volume Set on your computer!

The NIDOTTE CD-ROM gives you more than a benchmark source of insight into the Old Testatment. It gives you incredible efficiency: remarkable breadth and detail plus lightning swift speed, ease, and flexibility. Whether you're preparing a sermon or lesson, researching for a paper, or just studying for personal growth, you'll find copious, detailed information in minutes, not hours. The NIDOTTE CD-ROM offers such advantages as:

Lightning-fast word searches by English,
transliterated Hebrew/Aramaic, or
Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbers
Hypertext Bible references

Convenient drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste

. . . and more

NIDOTTE’s unique organization gives the reader access to insights from past and current scholarship:

1. Guide to New Testament Theology (Volume 1)

Eleven essays give the reader an overview of the field of biblical hermeneutics and interpretation and provide guidelines for using NIDOTTE in the interpretation and exegesis of the Old Testament.

2. The lexical dictionary (Volumes 1–3)

Entries are arranged in Hebrew alphabetical sequence
Each entry heading contains the Goodrick/Kohlenberger number for the Hebrew word (a cross-reference index allows for use with the Strong’s numbering system)
Hebrew and Aramaic words are transliterated
Entries in the dictionary discuss the Hebrew word in the context of the Ancient Near East, its use and significance in the Old Testament, its relationship to post-canonical Hebrew and Greek, and New Testament usage
Cross-references suggest to the reader other words that will enhance a nuanced understanding of related words in the semantic domain
A bibliography is found at the end of most articles
3. The topical dictionary (Volume 4)

This section includes articles on the theology of each book of the Old Testament, and on biblical concepts, people, places, events, and literary pieces, as well as some 1,300 topics with cross-references to the lexical volumes (1–3)

4. Indexes (Volume 5)

• Hebrew Index
• Scripture Index
• Subject Index
• Semantic Field Index

The easy-to-use Pradis interface is:

TRANSPARENT - Right click on any word to see the related English or Hebrew topic in NIDOTTE or any Pradis compatible book.

POWERFUL - More powerful than a print volume. Search by G/K number for all instances of a Hebrew word in the NIV.

USER-DRIVEN - Write as manypersonal notes as you need and link them to articles.

INTUITIVE - Navigate by an English or Hebrew (true ortransliterated) word.

FLEXIBLE - Search by Scripturereferences to see all the instances a particular passage is referenced in thedictionary.

More new features of this CD-ROM include a Search Assistant;
Bookmarks for Book, Chapter, Verse, Topic, or Subtopic;
Take notes and attach to Book, Chapter, Verse, Topic, or Subtopic;
Customize text, background colors, font, and point size.


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New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology 5 , £109

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  • Mouse

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