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  Anchor Bible Dictionary, Logos  

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Details and specifications on: Logos, Anchor Bible Dictionary on CD-ROM, in Logos Library System format, 135 (RRP 269.95). Contains everything from the complete and unabridged six volume, 7,200 page print edition, with illustrations. Features more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. Includes the Libronix/Logos Library System viewer and the KJV & NRSV bibles. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699.

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Anchor Bible Dictionary box Anchor Bible Dictionary - A "Landmark" Reference Work

Six years in the making, this state-of-the-art dictionary offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of biblical subjects and scholarship. Since it's publication date, the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD) has been acclaimed as a landmark in biblical scholarship.

"Nothing of it's kind exits in any language," declared Walter Harrison in the Journal of Biblical Literature.

An essential reference for every serious reader of the Bible.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary on CD-ROM contains:
Over 6,000 entries at your fingertips!

This NEW Logos Library System CD-ROM edition of The Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD) will enable you to tap this tremendous store of knowledge in seconds. It includes everything from the complete and unabridged six volume, 7,200 page print edition, with illustrations as well as tons of great photos, drawings and extensive bibliographies. Features more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars.

Free Logos Library System (Logos Bible Software)

The Anchor Bible Dictionary on CD-ROM comes with a FREE copy of the Logos Library system (Logos Bible Software), the Anchor Bible Dictionary, the King James Bible and the New Revised standard Bible. All texts are formatted for the Logos Library System standard for electronic publishing.

Features that make it easier than ever to research your favourite topic:

Search: Boolean, proximity, word, phrase, prefix, suffix, wildcard and automatic word lists are all supported.
Jump: Straight to cross-references- including Bible passages - with a click of the mouse. The Logos Library System brings total connectivity to the entire library. You can get to anywhere from everywhere!
Customise: Insert your own personal bookmarks or annotations at any point. Add notes to any word, verse, topic. Add any of the hundreds of other titles from dozens of other publishers in the Logos Library System standard format and instantly increase your personal library.
Export and Print: The Logos Library System fully supports Ole' 2.0 drag and drop. Just select the text, drag it to where you want it and drop it there! What a tool for writing, the Logos Library System automatically.
Footnotes your quotes: Export quotes and brief excerpts directly to your word processor or printer, print articles directly from Logos, or from any other Windoews application.
Access the resources: Link to countless primary and secondary resources in the Logos Library System. The Logos Library System connects all of your resources to every other resource automatically. Start anywhere you want, all your texts are instantly accessible, linkable, searchable and connectable. View as many different texts on the screen at the same time as you want. Link windows to read the Bible text right alongside the ABD.

Editor-in-Chief: David Noel Freedman
Associate Editors: Gary A. Herion, David F. Graf, and John David Pleins
Managing Editor: Astrid B. Beck

Includes the Logos Library System viewer.


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Anchor Bible Dictionary, 135 (RRP 269.95)

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Anchor Bible Dictionary, 135 (RRP 269.95)

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