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BMSoftware are computer software and computer hardware resellers.

We specialise in business, language, religious and educational software including office, translation and graphics software whether for home, school, or professional use.

This section of the site includes our most popular titles from Focus, Microsoft, Serif, Ulead, Adobe, Nova, Greenstreet and Corel.

Email us if there is a title that you cannot see here.

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We do much more than just listed here. We can provide software from over 2,000 titles and computer hardware from 16,000 lines.

Whether its Microsoft Office or a million clip art images you're after we have it. For projects that need graphics we have general and subject specific clip art ranges and also the image editing and DTP programs to make best use of them. We also cover language, RE, and reference software.

We can also obtain out of date and end of line software and second-user and refurbished computer hardware, if you are on a budget or trying to track down an elusive item.