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  Art Explosion 125,000 MAC Clip Art  

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Details and specifications on: Art Explosion 125,000 MAC, £39.95. 125,000 MAC spectacular royalty-free images . Other quantities also available - see Versions.

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Art Explosion 125,000 MAC box Art Explosion 125,000 MAC. Think big. Start small. If youíre ready for a clip art library but not quite ready to take the plunge into one of our larger collections, Art Explosionģ 125,000 is just for you! Itís the perfect starter clip art package because itís affordable, yet it doesnít compromise quality or selection.

Whether you're a first-time publisher or a full-time designer, Art Explosion 125,000 has everything you need to add punch to your written communication. With this powerful software package, every document you create is going to look better than ever before.

Art Explosion 125,000 puts the highest quality graphics at your fingertips -125,000 spectacular images, jam-packed onto 13 CD-ROMs. For the best value, total compatibility and a standard of quality unmatched by the competition, there's only one choice, Art Explosion.

And to make Art Explosion 125,000 undeniably easy to use, we've included an 850-page printed image catalogue, a full index, on-screen browsers, and the ability to drag and drop images into a variety of programs. In short, you'll find Art Explosion 125,000 the most organized clip art library available.

And we guarantee you'll easily be able to find the right image for every project - no matter how unique your needs might be. It all stacks up to the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use premium-quality clip art library you'll find anywhere!

See for yourself. Hereís what youíll get with Art Explosion 125,000:

All Premium-Quality Images

On-Screen Image Browsers for Fast Access

Compatible with Widest Range of Macintosh Software

850-Page Image Catalogue


None Available


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Art Explosion 150,000, £19.95
Art Explosion 200,000, £29
Art Explosion 600,000, £59
Art Explosion Seasons, Events and Holidays, £29.95

Art Explosion 750,000 (MAC), £169.95 - On 48 CD-Roms, includes printed 1800 pages Image Catalogue & Canvas 7
Art Explosion 525,000 (MAC), £119.95 - includes printed 1300 pages Image Catalogue & Eye Candy 3
Art Explosion 250,000 (MAC), £79.95 - includes printed 850 pages Image Catalogue & Kai's Photo Soap SE
Art Explosion 125,000 (MAC), £39.95 - includes printed 850 pages Image Catalogue

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Art Explosion works with all word processing, desktop publishing and graphics programs, including:

Compatible with all Printers!


Art Explosion 125,000 MAC, £39.95

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