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  VCOM Fix-It Utilities 5  

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Details and specifications of VCOM's Fix-It Utilities 5, £34.95 (GBP inc VAT £34.95). PC Diagnostics & Utilities that keep your system running better, faster, and longer. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Fix-It Utilities 5 box VCOM Fix-It Utilities 5

PC Diagnostics & Utilities that keep your system running better, faster, and longer!

Why PC Utilities? Like a car, PCs need maintenance and repair. Running PC diagnostics and utilities on your computer is the equivalent of taking your car in for a tune-up. Fix-It Utilities™ Professional 6 optimizes system performance and our computer diagnostics finds and prevents problems before they occur. In addition, have easy, scheduled maintenance to keep your PC in top shape.

Computer Diagnostics Identify Your System Problems

Fix-It Utilities includes powerful diagnostic tools to aid in finding problems with your system. SMARTCheck Hard Disk Failure Early Warning System notifies you when your SMART-compatible hard drive motor is having trouble, before the drive fails and your data is toast. PCDiagnostics™ checks and reports on your installed system hardware including memory, hard drives, serial and parallel ports, video and sound cards, DVD/CD drives, and more! It pinpoints errors and identifies possible causes of trouble. SystemExplorer™ scans your system and provides a complete list of system statistics. SystemMonitors keeps an eye on your system resources and warns you when monitored resources reach critical levels. ErrorTracker logs all Windows errors messages to assist in troubleshooting system problems.

Launch Programs and Files Faster
There's nothing like a clean, well-organized disk drive to help your PC launch programs and files fast. DiskCleaner and DiskFixer can help you regain wasted disk space and repair problems on the drive's surface. JETDefrag™, the high-performance disk defragmenter, gives you a fast power tool that reorganizes your hard drive. It consolidates data so your programs and files aren't in pieces all over the drive.

Quick and Easy FixWizards Do It All
Whether you need assistance or just prefer simple, one-step processes, FixWizards are the answer to your regular PC maintenance needs. Choose from the SpeedUp, CleanUp, or FixUp Wizard, or run the All-in-One Wizard to take care of everything automatically!

Emergency PC Fix and Rescue Tools
When your computer won't boot and you're unsure of the trouble, Fix-It tools help you solve the problem. Included is Recovery Commander, a utility to fix and restore your PC when it won't boot. The Fix-It Utilities CD is bootable and can also help you save data and restore corrupted computer files. Use Fix-It Utilities to get your PC up and running again.

Reliable Virus Protection
These days, viruses are everywhere. The Fix-It Utilities VirusScanner™ Pro helps protect your PC from a wide range of viruses. Plus, you are able to download the latest virus updates from the VCOM web site 24 hours a day - providing you with the most current protection available - around the clock. Built in cleaner removes infections instantly.

Spyware Detection and Removal
Protect yourself from identity theft! New anti-spyware technology detects and removes spyware and other unwanted programs designed to steal personal data and monitor online activity.

Customized Tool Installation
You have the control! You decide which tools to install and which to run in the background. If you change your mind later, you can easily go back and add or remove components.

Unbeatable Registry Cleaning!
SystemRegistry lets you fix, edit, clean and optimize your Windows Registry with the most comprehensive set of registry tools available today.

Retrieve Trashed Files
Whether you've accidentally deleted a file or you've been zapped by a virus, Fix-It Utilities can help. FileUndeleter allows you to search for and rescue accidentally deleted files. The Deleted Files Bin stores deleted files, even after they've been emptied out of the Recycle Bin.

Automatic Time Synchronization
The clock in your PC can drift and become inaccurate. ClockSync lets you easily and automatically synchronize your system's clock with a known, reliable and accurate Internet time source.

Free Bonuses!!!

PowerDesk® 5
The world's best file manager includes dual pane file management, a powerful file finder, zip and unzip capabilities, customizable toolbar, plus many other features!

Recovery Commander™
Quickly restore your non-booting system back to normal! Recovery Commander provides enhanced tracking and recovery features.

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: VFIU5B


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logo Windows 98SE/Me/NT4 w/SP6/2000/XP Yes • Pentium or better
• 32 MB RAM, 64 MB recommended
• 45 MB free disk space
• VGA graphics
• Internet Explorer 5.01 or later for some features
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
logo Linux N/A


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VCOM   Fix-It Utilities 5   £34.95   (£34.95)   [VFIU5B]   Buy

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VCOM   Fix-It Utilities 5   £34.95   (£34.95)   [VFIU5B]   Buy

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