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  VCOM Final Bid 2  

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Details and specifications of VCOM's Final Bid 2, £34.95 (GBP inc VAT £34.95). Win more eBay auctions and save money too. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Final Bid 2 box VCOM Final Bid 2

Win more eBay auctions and save money too!

Have you ever been the top bidder in an eBay® auction, only to have someone outbid you at the very last minute? Are you missing out on auctions because you can't be there when they close? Would you like to avoid bidding wars that only serve to push prices higher and higher? Does the idea of paying less for items appeal to you?
If so, then you need Final Bid 3!

The critical last seconds of bidding
Did you know that the most important component to winning most auctions is simply being there at the end to place your bid? VCOM’s Final Bid helps you win more auctions by bidding for you in those last, critical seconds, giving your competition little or no time to outbid you! This unique tool gives you the winning edge. And it’s so easy! You simply find the item you want, type in your maximum bid, and then walk away.

How can Final Bid win more auctions for you?

About a minute before auction close, Final Bid goes into action, placing the lowest possible bid above the current price (up to your pre-set maximum). And if needed, Final Bid will continue to bid the smallest increment allowable, countering any other bid in seconds - much faster than you (or your competition) can do manually!

Bid less, save more!

You’re bidding on an item and as the auction progresses, the price keeps increasing. But why work more just to pay more for the items you win?! Avoid “bidding up” the price - let Final Bid do all the work, and save you money! Have it monitor and place your bids on an unlimited number of auctions. By bidding better, faster, smarter, Final Bid will quickly pay for itself.

Handy "Group Bid" feature helps you save even more.

When you see several auctions selling the same item you want, simply place them all in a Group Bid folder and type in your maximum bid. As soon as one of them wins, Final Bid will cancel all the others in that group, automatically! It’s a great way to increase your chances of winning, and getting a lower price too! And you can have as many active Group Bid folders as you’d like.

Feature-packed management tools make “eBaying” easy!

From a single window, check on current bids and auction end times, review past auctions, and easily find, sort and save item information and pictures, as well as complex searches. This makes it easy to pull them up later so you can place new bids, re-run searches, do research and analysis, or make a new auction page to resell an item you won previously on eBay®.

Let Final Bid do the work for you, while you enjoy the fun and excitement of winning auctions!

Never again will you have to miss out on important activities, stay up late babysitting your computer, or worry about having to be right there at auction close. Final Bid will even let you know if the bidding has exceeded your pre-set maximum so you can increase your bid if you choose. Winning on eBay® has never been this easy!

So Easy - Anyone can use it!
Final Bid makes it easy to find great items, set your maximum price, and win that auction!

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: VCFB2B


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logo Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Yes
  • Pentium or better
  • Browser Internet Explorer 5.01 or later
  • Internet An internet connection (broadband, wireless or dial-up)
  • RAM 32 MB, 64 MB recommended
  • Free disk space 10 MB
  • User account A valid eBay user account (available free from eBay)
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
logo Linux N/A


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VCOM   Final Bid 2   £34.95   (£34.95)   [VCFB2B]   Buy

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VCOM   Final Bid 2   £34.95   (£34.95)   [VCFB2B]   Buy

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Whilst we are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK we can ship most items internationally.

Telephone : (UK) 0870 766 3699 (World) 00 44 870 766 3699
Email : sales@bmsoftware.com

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