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        Details and specifications of Logos's Introduction to New Testament Greek, 79.00 (GBP inc VAT RRP $129). The Original Word Teaching Series I: Introduction to New Testament Greek by Dr. Charles D. Goodwin and W. David McBrayer is one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn New Testament Greek. It will enrich and empower pastors, teachers and lay Christians to read and understand the wonderful, descriptive Greek language and its subtle riches. Buy or call us on 0844 808 3699. See other greek software or products from Logos/Libronix.

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Introduction to New Testament Greek box Logos Introduction to New Testament Greek  

Introduction to New Testament Greek will assist you in learning to read and understand Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament, and interpret the original text of the New Testament for yourself. Know what the New Testament really says from the best authority, the original Word of God. Use this series to open the door to remarkable gains in preaching, witnessing or Bible study. Learn NT Greek in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office, at your own pace.

This comprehensive teaching series combines all the content of the popular three-video tape, audio tape, and workbook Teaching Series I from Original Word, integrated all together on one Logos Library System CD-ROM.

Listen to the Greek word pronunciations. Follow along in the student workbook while you view the video course in a window beside your open books. Click to hear the audio, watch and listen to step-by-step video instructions, or go to the actual Greek text or Greek lexicons and reference books in your existing LLS library.

This instructive CD is designed to teach you New Testament Greek from scratch! No prior experience is necessary! You too can learn New Testament Greek at your own pace simply and effectively. This CD contains all the material you will need to learn New Testament Greek, and makes an excellent companion product to the New Testament Greek Core Collection which contains the Greek texts and tools you will want to use with your new language skills!

Dr. Charles D. Goodwin will lead you to your discovery of the treasures of the ancient Biblical text. He is an experienced author, Greek teacher and lecturer who uses a clear, concise, hands-on approach to teaching. Dr. Goodwin currently serves as adjunct professor of New Testament Greek at Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Understand the Bible completely

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Logos   Introduction to New Testament Greek   79.00   (RRP $129.00)   [INTNTG]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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Logos   Introduction to New Testament Greek   79.00   (RRP 103.00)   [INTNTG]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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