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Teach Yourself French Language learning software for any age or ability

If you cannot find what you want on this list you can switch to the Translation Software list from all software publishers or use the drop down index on the Home Page or check out the list directly on the Order Form with links to the product pages. If you click on a BUY link you will be taken to an order page and secure shopping cart. Alternatively Email or call us on 0870 360 3699

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Auralog | Before You Know It | Broderbund | EuroTalk | Language Labs | LinguaPhone | Oxford | Rosetta Stone | Transparent Language | World Talk

A + French, 24.95 details | buy

Learn French in 15 Easy Lessons, complete lessons for: Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading and more. A+ French has been replaced by Transparent Language 's I Can Speak French. Also consider Before You Know It French - Transparent Language (see below).
Before You Know It French - Transparent Language, 29.95 details | buy

Learn essential French in just minutes a day.
Euro Talk French Vocabulary Builder , 14.99 details | buy

Learning new words really is child's play with this cartoon disc for 4-12 year olds.
31 Languages of the World, 24.95 details | buy

For a large selection of words and phrases for 31 of the world's more popular languages look no further...
51 Languages of the World, 29.95 details | buy

For an even larger selection of words and phrases, 51 of the worlds more popular languages, look no further...
51 Languages of the World, 34.95 details | buy

For an even larger selection of words and phrases, 101 of the worlds more popular languages, look no further...
Auralog - Talk To Me French, 29.00 details | buy

Talk To Me is ideal for preparing for an exam, a trip abroad, a business meeting or simply fun.
Auralog - Tell Me More V6 French, 49.99 details | buy

Whatever your objectives or level, TELL ME MORE adapts to your needs and guides you through out your course, just as a teacher would.
Auralog - Chat In French, 9.99 details | buy

Perfect for acquiring the basics and deepening language skills. Based upon the award winning "Talk to Me" series
Broderbund Software- French for Everyone , 9.95 details | buy

For Everyone is a highly interactive educational product for developing foreign language skills.
Euro Talk Talk Now Learn French, 23.00 details | buy

Talk Now! is designed for people who want to learn a language quickly. It's active, fun, and makes learning easy.
I Can Speak French, 16.99 details | buy

I Can Speak French is the fastest, easiest and fun way to learn French.
Kids Speak Six in One, 29.95 details | buy

A perfect way to get your child started in 6 languages, building a solid foundation using the successful immersion approach preferred by educators...
Language Labs 2000 French, 19.99 details | buy

Learn to speak French like a native, with this innovative program!
Learn French Now, 49 details | buy

Learn to listen, read and write French with this interactive multimedia language learning software. Contains free microphone and multilingual word processing software worth over 100. Now contains a bonus CD with GrammarPro (RRP 29.99) and Unitype Global Writer (RRP 116) for free!
Transparent Language French Before You Know It Deluxe 3.6, 38.00 details | buy

The Fastest, Most Effective Way To Learn French Words and Phrases.
Lets Learn French, 9.99 details | buy

A French-English/English-French multimedia dictionary. There's something for everyone in Timmy's Magic Picture Diary. Eighteen wildly colourful, information rich, and hilariously animated scenes in his Diary allow children to tour a city, visit the doctor, dive into the ocean, snoop around in an attic and much more - while learning words in both French and English.
OUP French Dictionary, 49.99 details | buy

350,000 word Oxford Hachette French dictionary


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