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  CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite Full Product with KPT 6  

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Details and specifications of CorelDraw 10, £119 (GBP inc VAT RRP £351.50). This product has a long history of improvements, making it one of the best graphic design packages available. [Buy now]

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CorelDraw 10 box CorelDraw 10

Add a new dimension to your creativity with CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite. Backed by a decade of award-winning creative power, it delivers vector-illustration, layout, bitmap-creation, image-editing, painting, and animation software, all in one package. The enhanced interface, improved customization features, professional output capabilities, and support for text in multiple languages simplify the design process - whether you're creating for print or the Web. And with Corel R.A.V.E. (Real Animated Vector Effects), a powerful new animation application, you can change live effects over time, generate a timeline of edited work, create rollover graphics, and convert images to Macromedia Flash SWF format. CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite equals true creative power.

"R.A.V.E. is a new product for producing Flash and GIF animations for the Web. It's very similar to Adobe's LiveMotion, using an object-and-layer based timeline and auto-tweening between key points. The advantage of R.A.V.E. is that its tools and interface conform to the Corel Graphics Suite approach, keeping the learning curve gentle if you're already using CorelDraw. It's nowhere near as powerful as Macromedia Flash, but it's certainly easier to pick up for commonplace tasks such as rollovers, intro movies and interactive Web elements." (MAC User, October 2001)

And now with KPT 6 which allows users to apply a variety of new and exciting effects to their digital images and animations. These are classified in 10 categories, including KPT Goo, KPT Gel, KPT LensFlare, and many others. KPT 6 also gives the user full control brush size, flow and animation speed, as well as working with pressure-sensitive tablets.

Take advantage of this suite's dazzling speed and performance and interactive tools that make it easy to produce brilliant designs every time. CorelDraw features powerful graphics applications and supporting utilities that deliver the latest in design technology, making it easy to create stunning designs and special effects.CorelDraw delivers the power, reliability and performance to help you complete practically every job boasting a variety of tools and features. CorelDraw is designed to help you produce professional images and documents quickly and easily, and the extensive support for industry-standard file formats in CorelDraw means you can move files freely among different software applications.


To purchase the upgrade version, you must own a previous licensed version of: Note: Upgrade eligibility excludes academic, OEM and Not For Resale (NFR) versions. Corel products not listed above are not eligible for the upgrade version.


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PC Plus, February 2001, 7 out of 10
"...it is easy to recommend the Corel Draw 10 Graphics Suite to new artists...Good range of tools Effective tutorials, Simple interface, Plenty of bonus programs and materials"

MAC User, October 2001 "Anyone toying between buying Illustrator and FreeHand should try Corel's high-value alternative"

Amazon customer, 5 out of 5 stars
"Great program and a great follow up to the 9th version well worth getting!"


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CorelDraw 10, £POA, Buy

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CorelDraw 10, £POA, Buy.

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