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  VCOM System Commander 8  

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Details and specifications of VCOM's System Commander 8, £49.99 (GBP inc VAT £49.99). Multiple OS Management and Partitioning in One Package. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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System Commander 8 box VCOM System Commander 8

Multiple OS Management and Partitioning in One Package!

Easily add and remove OSes - great for safe migrations to a new OS, trying out Linux, or any other OS you'd like. The VCOM System Commander is the ultimate boot manager!

As a boot manger, Supports every PC-compatible OS!

With VCOM System Commander, easily select from any OS you have installed When you install System Commander, it automatically detects and adds each OS found to your OS selection menu by name! Just select the OS you want and go!

Boot manager handles multiple operating systems with ease
System Commander handles every OS available on the PC platform including every Windows, Longhorn, all Linux, NetWare, Solaris, and many others you probably have never heard of! You can try out beta versions of new OSes, user current stable releases and even older OSes for legacy software and validation.

OS Wizard™ - The easiest way to prepare your system for a new operating system
System Commander 8's (SC8) OS Wizard makes it easier than ever to prepare your computer for your new operating system (OS). Simply choose the OS you plan to install, and the OS Wizard will set up your system, automatically! Or, if you prefer a more hands on approach, you can override the OS Wizard's recommendations. It even includes our exclusive boot-time partitioning.

The safest way to install your new operating system
Without any other tools, System Commander safely and automatically prepares your hard drive to accept your new OS while protecting everything already on your computer - data and other OSes. No drivers or resident memory are used, so there are no conflicts with any OS and no performance degradation. When you first install SC8, it automatically detects your existing OSes and includes them in the OS selection menu by name!

Exclusive BackStep™ technology
BackStep Wizard is the safest and easiest way to return your system to its original configuration. Let's say that a month after you've installed that beta OS in its own area, you wish to remove it. Using the BackStep Wizard, you can see all of the actions that the OS Wizard previously performed and any manual partitioning work you have performed using SC8. Simply select the operations that you wish to reverse and the BackStep Wizard will undo those steps. Nothing could be easier!

Windows, NTFS and Linux partitioning - Automatically!
SC8 includes Partition Commander for full NTFS, Linux, and all other Windows type partition resizing. So creating and resizing partitions are a breeze. And, our NTFS resizing works perfectly with the latest Windows XP/2003, Longhorn as well as 2000/NT. This also includes our NTFS to FAT32 converter. Our NTFS converter safely handles all NTFS versions. SC8's advanced conversion technology even handles compressed NTFS volumes, another SC8 exclusive! So, if you need to convert between FAT and FAT32 or from NTFS to FAT32, there's no easier or safer way than with System Commander 8!

User Selectable Graphics
SC8 runs in full graphics, up to 1600x1200 resolution depending on the video card and monitor. Our unique driverless design gives you graphics and mouse support, yet only takes a second to start up. Five styles are included.

Exclusive TrueDOS Now you can have easy access to a true DOS prompt at boot time when you have Windows Me, 95 or 98. As most users are surprised to discover, Windows Me no longer has any way to get to a true DOS prompt. Without a true DOS prompt, many of your legacy programs and games cannot work with Windows Me.

When installing VCOM System Commander 8 from Windows 95/98 or Me, a TrueDOS prompt choice is automatically created, giving you easy access to both Windows and a true DOS prompt. Unlike MS or PC-DOS, TrueDOS still retains the features of Windows, such as the ability to understand large FAT32 partitions.

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: VCSC8D


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logo Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Yes
  • Pentium or better
  • RAM 16 MB, (more is required on some operations with huge drives)
  • Free disk space 20 MB (5 MB under Windows 9x/Me)
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
logo Linux N/A


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VCOM   System Commander 8   £49.99   (£49.99)   [VCSC8D]   Buy

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VCOM   System Commander 8   £49.99   (£49.99)   [VCSC8D]   Buy

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