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  Language Force - Universal Translator ME  

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Details and specifications of Language Force Universal Translator, 99.99. Discontinued - a suitable replacement is: LEC Power Translator 11 World 299 an advanced machine translation software capabable of translating English to/from Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian and more. [Buy] Power Translator 11 World now or browse other translation software.

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Language Force - Universal Translator ME box Language Force, Universal Translator Millennium Edition

Translate web pages, email and documents in 25 languages instantly!

The Universal Translator Millenium Edition is a breakthrough in global communications. With the push of a button or a voice command you can now communicate with the world. So sophisticated 'Universal Translator' is used by the US Government, the Millenium Edition includes ALL 25 languages

So easy to use you'll be translating in minutes !

Incorporates seamlessly with word processors, browsers, database and email programs! Communicate with the world! Instantly Translate Web Pages with a single push of a button as you view them.
Plus - Global Instant Messenger with on-the-fly translation.

Preserves original formatting and supports all proper language fonts and file formats! Type any language!
You can spell-check Documents, Web Pages, and E-mail in 25 different languages!

Design foreign content web pages! Works with a wide range of image editing programs to create multilingual text based images, animated and international banners and much more!

Server-Based Translation for up-to-the-minute accuracy! Artificial intelligence helps to correct the grammar in your translation!

Add words to the dictionaries that are specific to your business or industry.
Also included are guessing games and arcade-style games to help make learning the languages fun.

The 25 languages include:

  1. Danish
  2. Dutch
  3. English (U.S.)
  4. English (U.K.)
  5. French (CAN)
  6. French (EUR)
  7. German
  8. Hungarian
  9. Icelandic
  10. Indonesian
  11. Italian
  12. Norwegian
  13. Polish
  14. Portuguese (BRZZ)
  15. Portuguese (PQR)
  16. Romanian
  17. Russian
  18. Spanish (Lat Am.)
  19. Spanish (EUR)
  20. Swedish
  21. Tagalog
  22. Thai
  23. Turkish
  24. Ukrainan
  25. Zulu
Discontinued product buy LEC Power Translator World 11 instead  


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Language Force - Universal Translator ME, 99.99

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LEC Power Translator 11 World, 299, Buy.

LEC Power Translator 11 Euro, 149, Buy.

Language Force Universal Translator ME, 99.99

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