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  Steganos Internet Privacy  

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Details and specifications of Steganos Internet Privacy, £19.99. Remain anonymous on the web, a new disguise is created every second, so that you can be sure no-one can collect information about your computer. Also contains a file shredder, and the InternetTrace Destructor - to destroy cookies and historic data!!

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Steganos Internet Privacy box Everyone leaves traces on the Internet and their PC A userís IP address shows every ISP, Web Host, and even Webmasters the userís location. Any text read, pictures and movies viewed online, will be saved automatically. Not only do companies have access to your most private viewing habits but anyone with access to your PC will be able to find out where you have been and what you have been doing. Websites can build profiles about you based on where you've been surfing on the Internet. Anyone with access to your computer can easily "snoop" and determine what you have been doing there. As you surf the Internet, your browser stores the contents of web pages you visit on your hard drive. Anyone can easily examine your browser's cache, cookies, history of sites visited, downloaded files and more!

Stop it with Steganos Internet Privacy! For the first time you can surf the Internet and be invisible to everyone else. Not only is your identity anonymous but all your Internet traces can be destroyed on your PC too. The ideal product for users who share a PC with their family or others; online banking users, users seeking jobs online, and users who view sensitive material.

  • Surf anonymously at the click of a button
  • Very easy to use 1 click function
  • Worldwide located servers obscure the userís identity
  • A new disguise every second! The userís location can quickly switch from Taiwan, to Russia, to Australia, etc.
  • Contains the InternetTrace Destructor to destroy historic data, traitorous cookies and cache
  • Contains the Shredder to destroy files and folders irrevocably
  • Prevent companies from building a customer profile of you
  • Stop prying colleagues and others from looking into your Internet activity


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    Steganos Internet Privacy, £19.99

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    Norton Firewall, £39.99
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    Net Nanny Software Inc., £39.99 McAfee Internet Security 5.0, £49.99


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  • Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium processor or comparable CPU
  • 32MB RAM or more
  • 3MB Hard drive space
  • Screen resolution of 640x480 pixels and 256 colors (with font size set to normal)

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    Steganos Internet Privacy, £19.99

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