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  Serif WebPlus 8  

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Details and specifications of Serif's WebPlus 8, 39.00 (GBP inc VAT RRP n/a). From slick, stylish sites with modern effects to simple and fun homepages combining straightforward text and graphics, and everything in between including multimedia rich Web sites, Serif Web Page Maker with WebPlus 7 can handle it all. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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WebPlus 8 box Serif WebPlus 8

Among new WebPlus 8.0 features, youll find...
Enhanced Web Page Creation
WebPlus 8.0 adds new power to its unparalleled ease-of-use in designing Web sites! Add your own responsive buttons with the multi-layered Rollover graphics option. Select from expanded format and compression choices for picture export. Insert header as well as body HTML code, optimize overlapping objects, and optionally maintain original image filenames.

Artistic Text Tool
An entirely new text tool to complement traditional text in frames. Just click and type anywhere on the page, format with the customary tools, then apply colorful lines and fills directly at the character level. Scale it, rotate it, flip it... discover a host of new possibilities!

Table Tool with Editable Calendars
Now you can create and edit tables right in your publication, with no need for a separate utility. Choose from a range of preset formats or design your own by customizing lines, cells, rows, and columns. Powerful text manipulation features include AutoClear, AutoFill, and cell merge. And calendars are now table-based for enhanced functionality!

Multipage View
A brand-new working mode option that lets you see an array of pages, not just one at a time. Easily manipulate the view dimensions, drag objects from one page to another, and get the big picture of your Web site's layout.

Multiple Master Pages
For complex sites, you can now design as many separate background templates as you need. Break through the singlebackground barrier!

Enhanced Studio Bar with Page Manager
More convenient and powerful than ever, the Studio's tabs can now be floated, redocked, shown or hidden individually. It's easier to select gallery categories, assign text, line, and fill colors, and vary shading. Plus the all-new Pages tab provides a graphical overview that lets you drag and drop to add or subtract pages and assign master pages, with instant access to the Page Manager for total control over page content.

Bitmap Fills and Transparencies
Choose from a multi-faceted Studio gallery of picture-based effects, ready to work their magic on shapes or artistic text. You can even import your own images as bitmap fills!

Curved Line Tool and Freehand Shapes
QuickShapes are still superb, but now you can have it all... Just choose a line tool (including a new one specifically for curves), draw a line... connect other segments if you wish... then just connect the end points to create any shape you like! Customize the line and fill, apply transparency, even freely edit the outline.

Precise Editing of Lines, Shapes, Wrap and Crop Outlines
Try the new Curve Toolbar to fine-tune the contours of any line, closed shape, text wrap boundary or cropping edge. Simply drag the curvefs segments or edit its Bezier nodes to achieve exactly the result you want.

Striking Shadow, Glow, and Bevel Effects
One dialog serves as your gcreation station,h where you can select and preview a spectacular range of special effects for text or any object. Choose from soft-edged transparent Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, or Outer Glow, plus four Bevel and Emboss effects!

Replicate Tool
Instantly multiply any object into a line or grid arrangement, with pinpoint control over offset and spacing.. Ideal for perfectly aligned montages! Add rotation, skew, or resizing for eye-catching transformations.

Here's an elegant new way to add picture frames to your imported images and shape art... even frame a text frame! Simply pick from the preset choices, then customize corner style.

Improved Text Handling
Behind the scenes, our text engine works faster and better than ever with secondary font caching and better handling of default text styles. Weve added vertical alignment options for frame, table, and artistic text, and now you can add or remove words from your personal spell-check dictionary.

More Amazing Image Manipulation
Import images inline as part of frame text flow, and create your own 32-bit anti-aliased TIFFs and PNGs. Convert to Picture allows instant, in-place format changes! Theres more control over imported metafiles and OLE options. Linked images are easier to maintain... and each export filter now remembers its own settings.

Our Interface... An Old Friend, Now Even Friendlier
Now you can drag and drop objects into WebPlus from other applications. AutoScroll automatically adjusts your view as you move or resize. The revised ChangeBar features context sensitivity and popup sliders to save screen space. MDI (Multiple Document Interface) provides better window control. Its details like these that have made the difference in WebPlus engineering, version after version!

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: SERWP8


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logo Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/Me/XP Yes Pentium, 32MB RAM (95/98), 60MB (min.) HD Space, SVGA Graphics, CDROM drive, Internet connection.
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
logo Linux N/A


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Serif   WebPlus 8   39.00   (RRP n/a)   [SERWP8]   Buy

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Serif   WebPlus 8   39.00   (RRP n/a)   [SERWP8]   Buy

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