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  Serif DrawPlus X5 Vector Graphic Drawing Design Software  

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        Details and specifications of Serif's DrawPlus X5, 69.00 (GBP inc VAT RRP 79.99). Everything you need to create stunning vector graphic designs with this drawing software from Serif. Not just vector clipart editing but also paint with photo-realistic brushesIncludes both the Program and Resources. [Buy] the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8 compatible Serif DrawPlus X5 now or call us on 0844 808 3699.

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DrawPlus X5 box Serif DrawPlus X5  

Welcome to DrawPlus X5 - the much anticipated new update to award-winning drawing & graphics software, bringing the power of a professional art studio to your home, business, school or club!

Outstanding new DrawPlus X5 takes drawing & graphics on the PC another giant leap forward. With the amazing new ability paint with photo-realistic brushes, with 200 vector and bitmap brushes as standard and the ability to create your own, plus a host of other great new features and usability enhancements – it’s the upgrade professional designers and casual artists everywhere have been waiting for.

Plus, there’s a host of other great new features specifically added as a result of feedback from our legion of long-standing customers.

Add to this a brand new, even easier-to-use re-designed interface and a fantastic Resource CD and DrawPlus X5 really does offer an unrivalled blend of creative flair and ease-of-use.

Please Email or Call 0844 808 3699 to enquire about site licenses, network versions, bulk discounts or educational pricing.

[Buy now] or call us on 0844 808 3699

Manufacturer's Product Code: Serif - BMSoftware Product Code: SEDPX5


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Screenshot 1
Drawing, Stopframe and Keyframe animation
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Technical Drawing


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Reviews, tests and comparisons of graphics design & drawing software:

Review from PC Utilities magazine
"DrawPlus X2 is a pleasure to use and is capable of producing professional-level animations and artwork"

Review TechRadar from PCAnswers giving a 4.5 out of 5 rating, February 26th 2008
"Steep learning curves and high prices for professional programs like CorelDRAW at 350, or the even pricier 570 Adobe Illustrator, are usually enough to put off all but the most serious computer artists. However, Serif has long been renowned for taking the financial sting out of traditionally high-priced creativity genres, offering powerful DTP and drawing programs at sensible prices."


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This product is not available as a download, free or otherwise.

FAQs (frequently asked questions) / TECHNICAL SUPPORT

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Serif DrawPlus Support
BMSoftware technical support for Serif PagePlus

Alternatively email support or phone 0871 560 3699 (calls cost no more than 10p/minute within the UK)


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Further links to articles and information on Serif Design software

Articles on Serif and other design, graphics, desktop publishing DTP software

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DrawPlus 3 - 1996
DrawPlus 5 - 2000 (Windows XP compatible)
DrawPlus 6 - 2001
DrawPlus 7 - 2003 (Windows Vista compatible)
DrawPlus 8 - 2005
(There was never a DrawPlus 9, 10, or 11, products were renamed to tie in with the PagePlus brand versions)
DrawPlus X2 - 6 August 2007 (Windows 7 compatible)
DrawPlus X3 - 16 February 2009
DrawPlus X4 - 19 April 2010 (Windows 8 compatible)
DrawPlus X5 - 1 August 2011
DrawPlus X6 - 2012/13

Serif   DrawPlus X5   69.00   (RRP 79.99)   [SEDPX5]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

Compare also:

Serif   DrawPlus X4   59.00   (RRP 79.99)   [SEDPX4]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699


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logo Windows XP,Vista,7,8 PC
logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
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Serif   DrawPlus X5   69.00   (RRP 79.99)   [SEDPX5]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

Also see alternative versions and products above

Prices are in GBP and include all applicable taxes (VAT etc)

P&P will be charged at "light/heavy items" rates
(Some valuable items may have to go special delivery and packages may have outer packaging or inner boxing removed to save weight, if this is a gift or for resale please request intact boxes)

See our full Postage & Delivery Details including shipping rates within the UK, Europe and worldwide, first class and next day before 9 AM and 12 Noon, same day options.

Email to check latest pricing or stock availability or for a bulk discount quote of up to 40%.

Check Exchange Rates to convert UK pricing or Email us with your country and/or currency for a quote.


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Any questions prior to ordering? - then email: Sales or call us on 0844 808 3699, otherwise proceed to the Order Form.

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Click here for full Contact Details including postal address, additional phone lines and technical support email.

Whilst we are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK we can ship most items internationally.

Telephone : (UK) 0844 808 3699 (World) 00 44 844 808 3699
Email : sales@bmsoftware.com

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