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  Microsoft FrontPage 97 - Web Site Design Software  

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Details and specifications of Microsoft's FrontPage 97 with bonus pack, (GBP inc VAT RRP 89.00). Web page creation software from Microsoft. FrontPage is a quick and effective way to create your personal Web sites and home pages and Intranet sites without programming skills. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699

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FrontPage 97 with bonus pack box Microsoft FrontPage 97 with bonus pack  

Microsoft FrontPage 97 has a unique combination of features for building and installing a small- to medium-sized Web/Internet site that can easily run to 400-500 pages. The program is centered around two primary applications, Explorer and Editor, which provide Web site management and Web editing capabilities. In addition, FrontPage 97 includes a Bonus Pack which includes FrontPage Editor, FrontPage Explorer, Microsoft Personal Web Server, Image Composer, Internet Explorer and Web Publishing Wizard. Living up to Microsoft's claims, it really is everything you need to create and test a Web site.


Ability to Display, Verify, and Correct Office 97 Hyperlinks
Through the FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage Explorer can manage hyperlinks to and from Office 97 documents.

Support for JavaScript/VBScript You can directly enter script in FrontPage Editor. The script will run when the file is posted on a Web server and browsed with a browser that supports the scripting language.

Support for ActiveX Controls
FrontPage Editor can insert, format, and affect the properties of any ActiveX Control. Through the new scripting interface you can even insert Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) or JavaScript routines that work with the control.

Support for Java Applets FrontPage Editor can insert, format, and affect the properties of any Java Applet. Through the new scripting interface you can even insert VBScript or JavaScript routines that work with the applet.

Support for Netscape Plug-ins
Netscape plug-ins can be inserted into FrontPage Editor and you can define their size and layout.

Cross-Web Spelling Checker
FrontPage uses the same spelling checker engine as Office (instead of a duplicate copy of it as in FrontPage 1.1). FrontPage 97 also uses the same custom dictionary as Office 97 (or the first dictionary if there are multiple dictionaries).

Text/Spreadsheet Converters
FrontPage 97 uses the same converters as Microsoft Office 97. FrontPage 97 can convert any of the following file formats to HTML: Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xls, .xlw)
WordPerfect 6.x (.wps, .doc)
Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1, .wk3, .wk4)
Word 6.0/7.0 for Windows & Macintosh (.doc)
Word 97 (.doc)
Word (Asian versions) 6.0/95 (.doc)
Word for the Macintosh versions 4.0-5.1 (.mcw)
Word for Windows version 2.x (.doc)
Works for Windows version 3.0 (.wos)
Works for Windows version 4.0 (.wps)
WordPerfect 5.x (.doc)
Recover Text from Any File (*)

FrontPage installs the same thesaurus as Office 97. If you have already installed Office 97, FrontPage will use the installed copy.

Ability to Edit Raw HTML Source Code
The View HTML command in FrontPage Editor allows you to directly edit the source HTML. Preview in Browser
You can directly preview your page in any installed browser at any of four screen resolutions.

Cross-Web Find and Replace
In FrontPage Explorer, the Find and Replace commands will check all content in the Web.

Support for the Creation of Sub Folders within the Web Content Area
The folder view in FrontPage Explorer works the way the Windows 95 or NT 4.0 Explorer does. It allows you to organize your files. It also allows you to create subfolders within subfolders.

Drag-and-drop Functionality
FrontPage Explorer and Editor support drag-and-drop functionality. You can drag files into FrontPage Explorer for auto-import. You can drag files from one location in the Web to a subfolder to quickly rearrange the files in the Web and FrontPage Explorer will automatically correct all the hyperlinks to and from the document. You can also drag images, text documents, Microsoft Excel ranges, and hyperlinks into FrontPage Editor to insert new elements. You can also drag existing elements from one part of a page to another or from page to page within FrontPage Editor.

Import Web Wizard
Assists in converting entire folders to FrontPage format within a Web server.

Easy Hyperlinks to Current Page Through Use of Browsers
New World Wide Web hyperlinks will default to the URL currently displayed in your default Internet browser.

Typed URLs Automatically Become Hyperlinks
If you type a full URL, FrontPage will automatically make it a hyperlink.

Color-coded HTML Source Code
When you view the HTML source code in FrontPage Editor, you have the option to view the HTML tags, names, values, and content in different colors.

Improved and Expanded Toolbars in FrontPage Editor
FrontPage adds the Advanced toolbar and arranges all toolbars in an easier and more intuitive way.

Database Connection Wizard
This new wizard will create Internet Database Connector (IDC) files for you. All you need to enter is the ODBC data source, the table structure of the data source, and the SQL statement.

Ability to Resize Images in FrontPage Editor
You can drag the edge of an image to stretch, compress, expand, or shrink it while preserving its aspect ratio. In addition, you can specify a set pixel width or percentage of screen width for both height and width on an image.

Web Administrators Can Mark a Folder as Executable
Administrators can mark a folder as executable (as long as the webmaster hasn't explicitly denied this right).

Marquee Tag Support for the Marquee tag is available in FrontPage Editor.
"Getting Started with Microsoft FrontPage" Dialog Box
This dialog box gives you a choice of actions to take when you first start FrontPage Explorer or whenever a Web is closed.

Allows you to specify a non-scrolling background image on a page.

FrontPage Explorer Screen Improvements (Screen Tips, Highlighted Links)
Visual hints everywhere regarding the item your mouse is pointing at.

Background Sounds
Built-in support for the BGSOUND tag. Note that Netscape Navigator 4.x and earlier do not support the BGSOUND tag.

Extensible HTML and Custom WebBot Components
Using the FrontPage 97 Software Development Kit (SDK) on the FrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack CD, and a development environment (like Visual C++ or Visual Basic), you can create your own custom WebBot components and specify how they appear in FrontPage Editor.

Insert Video (AVI)
Built-in support for the DYNSRC attribute of the IMG tag. Allows you to insert a video into an HTML page. Note that Netscape Navigator 4.0 and earlier do not support the DYNSRC attribute of the IMG tag.

Fully Customizable Menus
The FrontPage 97 Software Development Kit (SDK) on the FrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack compact disc includes instructions for inserting custom menu items.

Page Margins
FrontPage Editor supports the TOPMARGIN and LEFTMARGIN attributes of the BODY tag.

Horizontal Rule Colors
You can specify the color of the horizontal rules you insert with FrontPage Editor.

Form Field Validation
FrontPage can perform simple validation on the data entered in FrontPage form fields. The validation is written in JavaScript or VBScript (your choice) and can check for things like the presence or absence of data, the length of data, and the type of data.

Bullet and Numbering Styles
FrontPage Editor supports ten different styles of bullets or numbering.

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: MSFP97


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Microsoft   FrontPage 97 with bonus pack     (RRP 0.00)   [MSFP97]   Buy

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Microsoft   FrontPage 97 with bonus pack     (RRP 0.00)   [MSFP97]   Buy

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