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  I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew: Let the Journey Begin  

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Details and specifications of Lev Software's I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew: Let the Journey Begin, 39.50 (GBP inc VAT). A great way to learn to read the Bible - this new program from Lev Software allows you to select verses from the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, it then highlights the Hebrew text and pronounces it syllable by syllable, with transliteration. [Buy now].

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I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew: Let the Journey Begin box Discover the excitement of reading the Bible in Hebrew. Choose your favorite Bible stories and Bible quotes, print your selected verses with or without transliteration. The pogram pronounces and highlights the Hebrew text syllable-by-syllable, which guarantees your success. This CD-ROM includes the entire Tanakh/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and gives you easy access to every verse. A great way to learn to read Hebrew. Hebrew bible read aloud

This amazing program lets you:

  • Select your favorite Bible Stories.
  • Select your favorite Bible Quotes.
  • Hear professional Male/Female read in Hebrew.
  • See each spoken syllable highlighted and transliterated.
  • Color code every Hebrew syllable.
  • Print out any Hebrew verse(s).
  • Choose the style of transliteration you want.
  • Record your voice samples.
  • Hear yourself read in Hebrew.
  • Understand the Hebrew with a verse-by-verse translation.
  • and much much more...

  • I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew includes the entire Old Testament, the Tanakh, the first 39 books of the Bible. Even if you do not know the Hebrew alphabet and have never read Hebrew before, you can now have the experience of reading Hebrew for the very first time, and create a closer connection with God's word.

    It features an amazing phonetics reading engine that highlights and pronounces any selected range of text from the Hebrew Bible, syllable-by-syllable, with or without transliteration. Train the engine to use your own voice samples, or use the included professional male and female voices.

    The program even colorizes each syllable to help make reading easier, and gives you the ability to create Hebrew printouts with automatic transliteration, so you can learn to read Hebrew even when you are not at your computer.


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    I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew: Let the Journey Begin, 39.50

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    Multimedia PC running Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP.


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    I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew: Let the Journey Begin, 39.50, Buy

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