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  Greenstreet Publishing Studio Edition 4  

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Details and specifications of Greenstreet's Publishing Studio Edition 4, £99.99 (GBP inc VAT £99.99). The complete creative experience in one box. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Publishing Studio Edition 4 box Greenstreet Publishing Studio Edition 4

The complete creative experience in one box.

greenstreet Publisher, Draw, PhotoFX and PowerText 3D, combined, give you unbelievable software power, so you spend less time swapping between applications and more time designing.

Greenstreet Publisher
The easiest to use desktop publishing software you can buy. The combination of page layout, draw, photo editing and 3D text effects at your fingertips is incredibly powerful and simple to use in parallel, to create stunning documents. Publisher is more efficient, more effective and packed with more features than any other DTP product on the market. It couldn’t be easier! More information.

Greenstreet Draw
7 Need to create a logo or want to re-draw or re-colour clipart? No problem, select Draw with a simple click on the launch icon, (no need to close Publisher), create your artwork and then drop it into your Publisher page layout. If you need to edit it in any way then simply double-click on your illustration and as if by magic, you are back in Draw! More information.

Greenstreet PhotoFX
Picture editing of immense power. 100s of special effects can be applied at a click of a button to your photo images. Once you have created your desired effects, save your image and import it into your layout. Double-clicking on the image takes you instantly back to editing. More information.

Greenstreet PowerText
Dynamic 3D letter effects in real time. Use this software to add a new dimension to your documents. Stunning 3D effects, you can have fun creating, adjusting perspectives, textures, lighting and shadows. More information.