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  Greenstreet Publisher 4 Gold  

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Details and specifications of Greenstreet's Publisher 4 Gold, £99.99 (GBP inc VAT £99.99). Welcome to the future of desktop publishing . [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Publisher 4 Gold box Greenstreet Publisher 4 Gold

Welcome to the future of desktop publishing Publisher 4 Gold is the easiest to use Desktop Publishing software you can buy. The combination of page layout, draw, photo editing and text effects at your fingertips is incredibly powerful and simple to use. The learning curve is so shallow you will be amazed at how quickly your skill level will increase.

Publisher 4 Gold is more efficient, more effective and packed with more features than any other DTP product on the market. Export your document as a set of HTML pages with supporting files, in seconds! Just select a folder to place your pages in and away you go - it couldn't be easier! You can easily return to the original files to make any last minute changes, or you can put them straight on the Web as they are. Fantastic! It couldn’t be easier! But don’t take our word for it, download the free 60-day trial version and we really promise you won’t be disappointed!

Instant page design.
No more worries about starting with a blank page, the Document Restyler is a step-by-step walk through page design resulting in instant page layout. It’s a wizard to do! Re-design and re-colour all layouts using the Document Restyler. So no more wasting time on difficult design decisions. We’ve taken the headache out of design by doing it for you! greenstreet® publisher also comes with 100s of professionally designed documents. Choose a design you like and apply your own text.

Barcodes are used all over the world for everything from sales to object and postal delivery tracking. Publisher 4 Gold supports barcode generation and printing.

HTML export & authoring.
Export your document as a set of HTML pages with supporting files, in seconds! Just select a folder to place your pages in and away you go - it couldn't be easier! If you need to edit the web pages just simply return to your original documents make your changes and export again. Fantastic!.

Spreadsheets are a powerful way of allowing easy entry and manipulation of data in a table format. They are especially useful for financial planning and budgeting. Publisher 4 Gold features full formula support, delivering a fully workable spreadsheet for use in your documents. Reports come alive with great graphics. 3D or 2D colour bar charts, pie charts, line charts, scatter charts, and area charts, and, they're really easy to do. A Wizard is used to guide you through the process of generating a chart, all you have to do is select the option you want and the Wizard does it for you!

Picture colour.
A real-time photo enhancing feature with instant editing features such as brightness, contrast and colour adjustment. Plus an excellent feature which allows you select a colour from the image and make it transparent, showing the colour behind! You could have a green sky or red water! It’s great fun and very effective. You can also change the transparency of your frame content, blend with other colours and shapes, get the result you want and be in control of your artwork!

Help is at hand.
Pop-up Hints and Tours have been added to get you started and help you carry out actions in a more efficient way. They appear at relevant moments when you are using the program to offer better ways of putting your documents together. They are also linked to the on-line help to give you more detail.

Features at a glance.

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