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  Focus Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM  

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Details and specifications of Focus's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM, £9.99 (GBP inc VAT £9.99). Drop into the most realistic gameplay ever. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM box Focus Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM

(Pegi 16+) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Drop into the most realistic gameplay ever - water soaks through uniforms, tanks shake the ground and tracers scream overhead with gripping realism. Show no fear in the face of vicious fire flights, nail-biting recon missions and daring rescues behind enemy lines. Engage the deadliest AI enemies yet - angry, merciless and meticulously designed to take out you and your team.
• 15 single-player missions and 5 dedicated multi-player maps.
• Standard and Special-issue weapons like the M16A2, the M4 carbine and the AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher.
• Integrated battlefield computer lets you specify nine different Rules of Engagement at any time.
• Up to 36 players via multi-player on broadband or LAN.

Tom Clancy's Desert Siege A 60-year conflict boils over as Ethiopia invades its smaller neighbour Eritrea, threatening the world's most vital shipping lanes in the Red Sea. An elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets, known as the Ghosts, moves in to safeguard the seas and free Eritrea. As the war rages on, the Ghosts are drawn from Eritrea's shores to the heart of Ethiopia in their deadliest battles yet.

• 8 new single player missions and 4 new dedicated multiplayer maps.
• 2 new multiplayer modes - Siege and Domination allow teams to attack or defend territory.
• 9 new multiplayer weapons including the Bizon submachine gun, M98 sniper rifle, and the M-60 machine gun.
• Simulates the latest military hardware including the fearsome OICW combat and the Land Warrior command and control system.

Tom Clancy's Island Thunder The year is 2010, Castro is no more and a revolution has toppled the Communist government. A free election has been scheduled, but the Communist faction is terrorizing the people with the intention of preventing the election. The Ghosts have been called in to safeguard the election and if possible, subdue the Communists.

• 8 new single-player missions and 5 brand new multiplayer maps.
• 12 new multiplayer weapons-including the FN M240G and the MM-1 automatic grenade launcher.
• 2 new multiplayer game types.
• New Cuban enemy vehicles, new allied vehicles and amazingly realistic insertions by helicopter.

Manufacturer's Product Code: ESS566   Our Product Ref: FTCGRG


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logo Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Yes
  • Pentium II 450 or equivalent
  • 2.1GB Hard Drive Space
  • 128MB RAM
  • Any 16MB DirectX 8.0, 3D compatible graphics card*
  • CD-ROM Speed 2x or faster
  • Any 100% DirectX 8.0 compatible soundcard
  • Required to print user manuals
  • Multiplayer: Yes (two networked computers required)
  • Internet Playable: Yes (Internet connection required)
    * Problems may be experienced with Voodoo 3/5, Geforce 2 MX 400, 3D Prophet and Matrox Millennium G400 cards.
  • logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
    logo Linux N/A


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    Focus   Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM   £9.99   (£9.99)   [FTCGRG]   Buy

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    Focus   Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition DVD ROM   £9.99   (£9.99)   [FTCGRG]   Buy

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