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  Focus Teaching-you First Aid Skills  

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Details and specifications of Focus's Teaching-you First Aid Skills, £9.99 (GBP inc VAT £9.99). A valuable training aid . [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Teaching-you First Aid Skills box Focus Teaching-you First Aid Skills

A valuable training aid for the whole family.

Wherever we are, and whatever we do, accidents and emergencies are a part of our lives. Would you know what to do if you were first on the scene?
By knowing how to make essential first aid decisions, you can make sure that you are prepared to act in an emergency. Using simulations of real-life events where your choices and decisions affect the outcome, Teaching-you First Aid Skills helps you to acquire those skills, which we all need to learn, but for which we have never found the time.

Hundreds of photographs, animations, videos and diagrams provide clear, step by step explanations on how to recognise and treat common complaints like headaches to major, potentially life threatening conditions such as choking and shock, equipping you with vital skills that one day could help you save a life.

• Learn how to make vital life-saving decisions as well as building confidence to act in these situations.
• Step-by-step explanations on how to recognise and treat complaints and injuries.
• A fully illustrated First Aid kit details all the essential items and how to use them.
• Put your skills to the test using scenarios that you might encounter in your day-to-day life.

Learn how to recognise and treat injuries & illnesses
Airway and Breathing – choking, blocked airway, drowning, hyperventilation, croup and fume inhalation.
Fractures – open, closed, spinal, ribcage and pelvic.
Resuscitation – adult, baby and child.
Common Complaints – fever, headache, diarrhoea and vomiting.
Head & Brain – concussion, compression and stroke.
Bites & Stings – animal bites, insect stings, marine life and snake bites.
Soft Tissue Injuries – sprains, strains and dislocations.
Heart – heart attack, angina and cardiac arrest.
Attacks and Seizures – asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and anaphylactic shock.
Shock – shock and fainting.
Burns & Scalds – minor and major.
Overexposure – heat stroke, heat exhaustion, hypothermia and frostbite.
Bleeding – bruises, severe internal, severe external and cuts and scrapes.
Poisoning – corrosive and non-corrosive.
Foreign Bodies – in the skin, children and in the eye.
Please note that since publication of this title, the information regarding the recovery position of an unconscious casualty with spinal injuries is no longer valid.

Manufacturer's Product Code: ESS577   Our Product Ref: FTYFAS


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"Whatever your first aid proficiency level, this software provides a simple refresher course in many techniques in a easy to learn, simple to understand format at a price that is hard to beat." Micro Mart


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    Focus   Teaching-you First Aid Skills   £9.99   (£9.99)   [FTYFAS]   Buy

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    Focus   Teaching-you First Aid Skills   £9.99   (£9.99)   [FTYFAS]   Buy

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