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  Focus Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition  

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Details and specifications of Focus's Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition, £24.99 (GBP inc VAT £24.99). The UK's Best Selling Driving Theory Test SOFTWARE. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition box Focus Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition

3 DVD CASE SET containing 5 CD-ROMs - The UK's Best Selling Driving Theory Test SOFTWARE

The Ultimate Driving Test Package contains:
• Driving Test Success THEORY New Edition
• Driving Test Success HAZARD PERCEPTION
• Driving Test Success PRACTICAL.


Driving Test Success THEORY New Edition - The best way to prepare for your Theory Test!

Gain the knowledge you need to answer EVERY OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test question (valid for tests taken from September 26th 2005 onwards) and also pass the Hazard Perception part of the test with confidence. This comprehensive and easy-to-use software is designed to bring you success on the big day. Essential for all learners and driving instructors, this software will have you throwing away those L plates in no time!

Key Features:
• Answer EVERY question from the entire OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank for all tests taken from September 26th 2005 onwards, containing over 1,200 questions for learner car drivers and motorcyclists.
• View hints and detailed explanations of each question, helping you to understand and remember the correct answers.
• Watch the OFFICIAL DSA Hazard Perception Introduction video clip.
• View 10 OFFICIAL DSA Hazard Perception sample video clips to prepare you for the test.
• Study 280 extra video and photograph questions on observation and common driving mistakes.
• Sit UNLIMITED mock tests with different questions every time, then simulate the actual Theory Test exam under test conditions – as many times as you like.
• Monitor your progress based on performance and assess your own readiness to sit the exam.
• View and print the latest digital version of the OFFICIAL Highway Code.
• Attention all driving instructors! This software includes the OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank for ADIs, PLUS you can monitor and assess the progress of ALL your pupils.


Driving Test Success HAZARD PERCEPTION - The best way to prepare for your Hazard Perception Test!

Packed with over 140 unique video clips that teach the principles of hazard perception and test your ability to spot potential dangers on the roads, this is the ideal way to prepare for the Hazard Perception part of your driving Theory Test – no duplication with the 50 interactive video clips featured on the Driving Test Success Theory/Hazard Perception PC CD-ROM.

Key Features: • Learn all about Hazard Perception by watching best practice footage with commentary by experienced instructors.
• Practice your Hazard Perception skills by watching each video clip and identifying the hazards using your mouse.
• Gain experience in a variety of different settings, including main roads, motorways and rural roads.
• Gain experience in dealing with pedestrians, town and city hazards.
• Review your own performance at recognising hazards by replaying each video clip and seeing how the maximum score of five points could have been achieved.
• Sit UNLIMITED mock tests, with a different combination of video clips every time.
• Analyse your performance over time using detailed progress reports.
• View exam hints and tips to help you learn the skills you need to spot hazards earlier and maximise your chance of passing the test.


Driving Test Success PRACTICAL - Advance through your lessons to Test Standard!

Practice, revise and refresh the essential driving skills taught to you by your Approved Driving Instructor, before and after lessons. Featuring a virtual 3D car and town, you will be able to practice, under instruction, many vital driving routines on your PC at your leisure! Includes video clips of mock driving lessons.

Key Features:
• Information Centre - Advice on what you need to know before starting your driving lessons.
• Know Your Car - Find out about the main car controls and how they work.
• Easy to Use Keyboard and mouse controls to drive the car.
• Over 100 ‘3D’ Driving Sessions for you to revise essential manoeuvres.
• Tutorial Videos - Watch how a professional instructor performs a variety of manoeuvres.
• Show Me, Tell Me - Step-by-step guide for the new question and answer test.
• Virtual Test Section - Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Examples of Driving Sessions: Moving off procedure.
Stopping and separation distances.
Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine (MSM).
Position Speed Look routine (PSL).
Assessing and driving through bends.
Reversing into a side road.
Turn in the road.
Reverse park beside the road.
Bay parking, uphill and downhill parking.
Encountering pedestrian crossings.
Hazards and safe emergency stops.
Driving in fog, wind, rain, ice and at night.
Dual carriageway and motorway driving.
Junctions, crossroads and roundabouts.

Manufacturer's Product Code: FFB061   Our Product Ref: FDTSAT


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logo Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Yes
  • Pentium III 450 or equivalent
  • 301MB Hard Drive Space
  • 64MB (128MB recommended)
  • Any 16MB 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card (800x600x16bit colours)
  • CD-ROM Speed 4x or faster if running videos from CD
  • Any 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible soundcard
  • Printer required for printing user manuals and vouchers
  • Internet required for downloading updates, to access money off vouchers and access discounted insurance offer
  • logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
    logo Linux N/A


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    Focus   Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition   £24.99   (£24.99)   [FDTSAT]   Buy

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    Focus   Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New Edition   £24.99   (£24.99)   [FDTSAT]   Buy

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