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  LingvoSoft Eastern European Pocket PC translation software  

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        Details and specifications of LingvoSoft's Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC, 169 (GBP inc VAT RRP 174.95). Interactive talking dictionary, translation and voice software titles for Eastern European languages. Buy or call us on 0870 360 3699. See other pocketpc/translation software or products from LingvoSoft.

Also available pre-installed on Compaq-HP iPAQ PDA of your choice
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Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC box LingvoSoft Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC  

In this Pocket PC/Windows Mobile anthology are brought together the software titles for the East European languages found in our catalogue. Together, these applications are the perfect means to communicate with virtually anyone in or from Eastern Europe in a most straightforward and productive fashion.

Dozens of bidirectional and multilingual dictionaries and speech-enabled translation applications are included. Language learning software with fun games and exercises, accent-correction tutorials, indispensable software for travelers, and practical language localization support complete the set.

Our talking and non-talking programs will turn your Pocket PC device into a virtual language assistant. While on a visit to Central or Eastern Europe (or any other country where these widespread languages are spoken), you will be fully prepared to understand the written language around you as well as to communicate verbally with the locals.

All these applications purchased separately will cost far more than this reasonably priced Software Pack.

This pack consists of:

Educational discounts, Network licensing, Reseller pricing

Please Email or Call 0870 360 3699 to enquire about site licenses, network versions, bulk discounts, reseller/trade orders or educational/institutional pricing.

Purchase information

LingvoSoft Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC     or see similar pocketpc/translation software or other ectaco products.

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Manufacturer's Product Code: Product_ID / Barcode: ASIN - BMSoftware Product Code: ELEEPP

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LingvoSoft   Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC   169   (RRP 174.95)   [ELEEPP]   Buy or Phone 0870 360 3699

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Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC Support
BMSoftware technical support for LingvoSoft Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC

Alternatively email support or phone 0871 560 3699 (calls cost no more than 10p/minute within the UK)


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LingvoSoft   Eastern European Language Pack for Pocket PC   169   (RRP 174.95)   [ELEEPP]   Buy or Phone 0870 360 3699

Also see alternative versions and products above

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Whilst we are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK we can ship most items internationally.

Telephone : (UK) 0870 360 3699 (World) 00 44 870 360 3699
Email : sales@bmsoftware.com

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