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  BVG Management Training Software  

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        Details and specifications of BVG Management Training Software, From 9.99-19.99 (GBP inc VAT). Improve your business acumen with this selection of software aimed at specific target areas to hone your negotiating skills or to increase the effectiveness of your public speaking. Presentations and Public Speaking, Time Management Skills, Successful Negotiating Skills, Business Analysis Skills, Project Management Skills, Successful Meetings Skills. Microsoft Windows 2000 / 95 / 98 / Me / XP compatible for Vista see the Focus Teaching You range. Buy or call us on 0844 808 3699. See other training software.      
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Presentations and Public Speaking, 19.99 buy

  • Identify the key points that will communicate your message most effectively
  • Profile your audience in advance, allowing you to fine tune your delivery
  • Adopt a positive attitude, control your nerves and present with confidence
  • Use high-impact visual aids to clarify and reinforce your key points
  • Handle awkward questions and deal effectively with a hostile audience
  • Time Management Skills, 19.99 buy

  • Select the time management system best suited to your personality and your job
  • Prioritise your goals and create more time for effective decision making
  • Empower others by using the five key principles of delegation
  • Regain control by actively managing interruptions, phone calls and email
  • Optimise team workflow using activity networks, float and critical path analysis
  • Successful Negociating Skills, 19.99 buy

  • Maximise your advantage before negotiations even begin
  • Make the best possible opening,one that is both tough and credible
  • Become expert in the use of bargaining tactics and concession trading
  • Master the win/win and distributive approaches to get the best deal possible
  • Deal effectively with last minute tactical manoeuvers and close the deal
  • Business Analysis Skills, 19.99 See orderform for other training products or consider alternative product Focus select:Business Tools.

  • Apply industry standard technique of business modelling and data modelling
  • Design robust, reliable and relevant systems that meet the needs of your users
  • Identify opportunities and problem areas within a business environment
  • Model and assess the impact of any proposed changes to a business system
  • Optimise the storage and processing of information within a business system
  • Project Management Skills, 19.99 buy

  • Clarify project objectives and build realistic schedule and cost predictions
  • Develop detailed plans incorporating PERT charts and critical path analysis
  • Build an effective project team and address the conflicting demands placed on it
  • Implement effective reporting, quality and change regimes for each project initiative
  • Apply proven techniques, including variance and EVA to measure project progress
  • Successful Meetings Skills, 19.99 buy

  • Develop and use an agenda to lead discussions of the meetings key objectives
  • Understand the politics of meeting with subordinates, peers or superiors
  • Identify personality types and target your own message for maximum impact
  • Encourage participation so that all decisions made are owned by the group
  • Tactfully prevent others from taking control or holding up progress


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    Windows 95,98,Me,2000,XP
    16 MB RAM or greater
    CD-ROM rive 4x or greater
    Pentium PC or higher
    16 bit Sound Card
    5 MB available HD space
    256 Colour VGA monitor or greater


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    BVG Management Training Software, from 9.99-19.99, Buy

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    We are sorry but no free, trial or download versions are available for this software title. Cheaper earlier versions may be available or you may purchase and return your product unopened, uninstalled for a refund. Some products may have a manufacturer satisfaction warranty of up to 60 days which we/they will honour. On some products we offer a 30 day exchange for another similar or better product or guarantee up to a 90 day 90% credit upgrade to an improved or superior software title. On some products competitive upgrade pricing or part-exchange may be available.

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    BVG Management Training Software, From 9.99, Buy.

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