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  ArcSoft 3D Text Factory  

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Details and specifications of ArcSoft's 3D Text Factory, £24.95 (GBP inc VAT RRP £29.95). ArcSoft 3D Text Factory is a powerful, easy-to-use utility that gives you the power to create dynamic 3D titles. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699. See more DTP & graphics software.

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3D Text Factory  box ArcSoft 3D Text Factory  

ArcSoft 3D Text Factory gives you the power to create dynamic, 3D titles. It is suitable for both titling still photos and movie making, full of lighting and shadow control settings, and able to create exploding video titles just like you see on TV.

3D Text Factory is a powerful, easy-to-use utility, which comes with both a stand-alone application and a plug-in for the Adobe PhotoShop format, enabling you to create high-quality still and motion 3D titles for the Web, video, screen presentation, and print.

Suitable for business and professional use, it's also just the thing for beginners at home trying to make a perfect title page for an album. Able to create the exciting titles you see on television and at the movies, 3D Text Factory brings power and fun to all.

Fully Customizable Text Animation
Choose from a variety of text animations with either with one-time or looping movement. Frame rate is adjustable from 5-30 fps in multiples of five frames/sec., allowing a wide range of animation quality ideal for newer, faster CPUs or older, slower processors.

Numerous 3D Bevel Options
No two projects look the same if you continually alter the bevel of your text. Bevel depth and height are adjustable, resulting in countless appearances from just one bevel option.

Custom Backgrounds
Use any color imaginable for your background, or import your own personal images. This is excellent for adding animated text to your favorite photos.

Dynamic Text Lighting
Up to three different light sources can be used to illuminate your text. They can be placed spherically anywhere around the text, with each light source having a different color. This creates unlimited lighting and tone options for animated or still text.

Adjustable Shadowing
Conveniently add a drop shadow to your text, which is fully adjustable in terms of placement, opacity and blurriness. Even the shadow color is customizable across the entire color spectrum.

Plug-in Capability
The application is available as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® and ArcSoft PhotoStudio®. This allows 3D text functionality in your favorite image editors.

Sizing, Placement and Orientation
Placement, sizing and rotating commands are readily available. By positioning your text in unique ways, added animation becomes even livelier.

Multiple File Support
The available export options cover all still and moving image needs. Save your text as standard image files or add animation to save your project as an AVI or MPEG video. You can even save your work for later editing.

Worry-free Creating and Editing
With the multiple "Undo/Redo" feature, you can work without the fear of making irreversible changes. You can also flip back and forth between edits to compare the before and after of any modification.

Ease of Use
Almost every possible command is available on the convenient toolbar or under a control tab. With real-time animation previewing and lighting options, there's no guesswork involved when creating a project. Even beginners will find it easy to create a project right after installation.

[Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699

ArcSoft 3D Text Factory , Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: ARC3DT


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ArcSoft   3D Text Factory   £24.95   (£24.95)   [ARC3DT]   Buy

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ArcSoft   3D Text Factory   £24.95   (£24.95)   [ARC3DT]   Buy

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