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  ABBYY FineReader 7 Pro Educational  

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Details and specifications of ABBYY's FineReader 7 Pro Educational, £63.99 (GBP inc VAT £63.99). If you want to convert text from paper to PC, this product is ideal. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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FineReader 7 Pro Educational box ABBYY FineReader 7 Pro Educational

One of the most useful things you can do with a scanner is archive old documents, such as newspaper cuttings and typed letters. Storing text documents as images, however, takes up a lot of hard disk space and limits what you can do with the documents afterwards.

The solution is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, such as ABBYY FineReader. It analyses scanned images for text and converts it into an editable text document. Any unrecognised text is highlighted and can be changed.

In our tests, FineReader picked up text over multiple pages, was able to recognise text within tables and was good at keeping the original document formatting. The process isn't infallible though, as having to manually remove spaces in words was commonplace. It supports many languages and comes with legal and medical dictionaries, so it's rare that it doesn't make at least one recommendation for an unrecognised word.

Text extraction can be performed by scanning or by opening an image file or PDF document in the FineReader software. Although there are no wizards to guide you through, FineReader is easy to use and reasonably priced.

New Features of ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Recognition Accuracy:
Recognition accuracy has been improved up to 25% over the previous version.

  • Analysis and recognition of documents with complex layouts has been improved, particularly, on documents with text on a color or raster back ground and documents with complex tables (including tables with white grid lines and tables with color cells).
  • Specialized English and German dictionaries have been added that include the most frequently used legal and medical terminology, providing unmatched recognition accuracy of specialized legal and medical texts. Recognition of barcodes has been improved and support for PDF417 2D barcodes has been added.

  • XML Support and Integration with Microsoft Office:
  • ABBYY FineReader now supports the Microsoft Word XML format.
  • The program is fully integrated with Microsoft Word 2003, to allow you to check and edit recognition results by using Microsoft Word tools. At the same time, users can compare the exported results that have been saved in Microsoft Word with the original image from ABBYY FineReader’s Zoom win dow from within Microsoft Word.
  • ABBYY FineReader can insert recognized documents directly within Microsoft Word. This provides flexibility to allow you to collect and transform informa tion from papers or PDF documents into a single electronic document.

  • Improved PDF Conversions:
  • The quality of recognition of PDF documents has been drastically improved in version 7.0. ABBYY FineReader can extract and recognize texts that are placed on a background from PDF file.
  • The recognized PDF documents can be edited in the ABBYY FineReader edi tor. The results can be saved in any of the supported saving formats including PDF.
  • PDF documents created by ABBYY FineReader are optimized for publishing on the World Wide Web. The first page of the document is viewable before the entire document has been downloaded.

  • Additional Features
    New capabilities in FineReader 7.0 Professional Edition include:
  • The image splitting tool lets you split an image into multiple areas and save them as separate pages. This mode is particularly useful for recognizing a page of business cards, books, and PowerPoint printouts.
  • Search with morphology support. Any batch created in ABBYY FineReader can be used as a fully searchable small database. You can search for words in any grammatical form. (This feature is available for the 34 languages that have dictionary support.)
  • Intel HyperThreading Technology support. This technology greatly increases the productivity in recognizing large or numerous documents.
  • Duplex scanning. The program creates two separate images if you scan a two sided document using a duplex scanner. This option can be turned off if you do not need duplex scanning.
  • JPEG 2000 image files can be opened and saved.

    Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: AYFR7E


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    logo Windows PC Yes
    • PC with Intel Pentium/Celeron/Xeon, AMD K6/ Athlon/Duron or
    • compatible processor.
    • Processor must be 200MHz or higher
    • XP/2000/NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or greater, ME/98 (for working with localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required)
    • 64 MB (Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0), 32 MB (Windows ME/98), plus 16 MB of RAM for each additional processor (in the case of a multiprocessor system)
    • 150 MB of free harddisk space for typical program installation
    • 70 MB of free harddisk space for program operation
    • TWAIN compatible scanner, digital camera or fax–modem
    • Video card and monitor (min. resolution 800×600)
    • Keyboard, mouse or other pointing device
    logo Apple MAC N/A Purchase Virtual PC first
    logo Linux N/A


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    ABBYY   FineReader 7 Pro Educational   £63.99   (£63.99)   [AYFR7E]   Buy

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    ABBYY   FineReader 7 Pro Educational   £63.99   (£63.99)   [AYFR7E]   Buy

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